Bruce-Robert Pocock

Résumé / CV

Bruce-Robert Pocock
Programmer of Reliable Game & Simulation Systems
Developer Durable Compilers and Tools
Architect Flexible Communications Software

As a senior programmer with experience spanning the videogame and financial services industries, I've proven my ability to lead teams and develop highly reliabile, maintainable, and flexible software in many different languages and environments.

My passions include writing compilers and toolchain systems, functional entity-component model software, internationalization and localization, and — of course — videogames.

Scrum Alliance® Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

Curriculum Vitæ

Software Developer, Kipu Health

2020 - present At Kipu, I'm working with the best-in-class software for electronic health records for the addiction recovery and related industries.

Bruce-Robert quickly became a go-to guy in a short time and has come out on top of every challenge that’s been thrown his way. He approaches projects without hesitation and with a methodical approach. Just in the last few weeks, on top of helping Kipu run smoothly in the cloud, resolving issues with the monitoring app, he’s helped pave the way to complete our move to AWS, providing tangible cost and performance improvements. Todd Lee, CTO

Software Developer, Adaxa Technologies (MCNA Systems)

2012-2019 At Adaxa (MCNA), I worked on a variety of projects in the infrastructure and communications domains. Adaxa provides software services that adjudicate dental claims, issue payments, and communicate eligibility, authorization, and adjudication results with a variety of private and State actors. I've worked in focused areas involving our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and document generation systems, performed technical analysis for problem solving, created domain-specific language systems, and constructed several platforms for automated software testing.

Bruce is a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual. Has demonstrated thorough knowledge of technology as well as our industry. Bruce has also learnt very quickly new business and industry needs and has applied his knowledge to use and excel in delivering robust solutions to our company’s needs. Now that Bruce is leading our EDI development and engineering efforts, he is showing tremendous improvements in initiative and leadership which we hope we can continue fueling and allow Bruce to continue developing and growing within the company. — Kenneth Tilton, (then) Director of Software Development, MCNA Systems, 2013

Managed Care of North America Healthcare Holdings owns MCNA Dental, which in turn spun off MCNA Systems, which was renamed Adaxa; over the past six years, it's been through a few name changes, but the development efforts have been similar.

Operations Manager and Chief Engineer, Corporation for Inter-World Tourism and Adventuring

2018-present After Res Interactive, LLC was shut down, I began work toward rebooting the Tootsville game in a new edition. This work-in-progress is a new, massively distributed, multiplayer on-line persistent world built using a set of compact, mostly REST-ful cloud services and extensive HTML5 and Javascript front-end and middle-tier systems. As Chief Engineer, I'm leading up (and, honestly, mostly single-handedly) the development effort; as Operations Manager (ie, CEO) I'm also responsible for the (minimal) administrative duties of the not-for-profit corporation. Common Lisp, Javascript, Linux, GNU Make, AWS, OpenStack, Travis CI, HTML5, WebGL, WebRTC, BabylonJS, CouchDB, MariaDB, MemCacheD, distributed, Apache, HTTPS, Hunchentoot, parallel, REST, near-real-time.

(See also, CIWTA web site and Tootsville site, and Res Interactive, below.)

Software Developer, LSI, Inc. Training Devices Division

2011-2012 While at LSI, I developed a new Instructor/Operator Station application stack for management of their immersive (i.e. hardware/software) simulation devices, particularly the AH-64D Apache Longbow gunship's LCDSTT. This is a full-surround training “device” with dual cockpits (pilot and copilot/gunner), out-the-window simulated views, and with elecronic and mechanical components nearly indistinguishable from — and, in some cases, actually built using parts from — the actual gunship. Linux; C++, FORTRAN, ADA, Perl; OpenGL, X11; TCP/IP, distributed real-time

This video shows off the VR components that interacted with the LCDSTT. The LCDSTT itself is briefly seen.

Senior Software Developer, iMobile3

2011 (brief) Ported an Objective-C iOS (iPhone) application to Android (Java) platform.

Chief Technical Officer, HuddleHub

2010-2011 Served as CTO and lead programmer of startup company focusing on fantasy sports gaming services. I built up a cloud-based infrastructure based upon the Amazon AWS and Elastic Beanstalk clouds, designed an implemented a RESTful architecture, login/encryption protocols, anti-cheating and anti-replay measures, and implemented the server side of our March Madness application, as well as partial implementation for a Major League Baseball application. Java, REST, AJAX, SQL, XML, Amazon

Chief Engineer, Res Interactive, LLC (Tootsville)

2008-2010 Tootsville, a colorful, family-friendly, non-violent MMO-RPG about singing cartoon elephants called Toots, built up a small but loyal player base, largely English-speaking school-age children. The core server platform, Romance 1.1, provided 24×7 reliability, with zero downtime for over a year and load-tested capacity of over 1,500 users per node. (I am the primary architect & developer of “Romance.”)

Working on short deadlines with an excellent core team, my Engineering group delivered on-time and always-available membership & billing software, a social media platform (“Tootsbook”), the MMO-RPG game server itself, an Adobe Flash/ActionScript-based front-end for players, multiple utility back-end tools for internal teams (including lifeguards, customer service, design/art teams, and systems administration), and other facilities. This rôle included hiring, supervising, and training front-end and back-end programmers, system administrators, and training and supporting customer service and system operators.

There are people who work in the box, and then there are those who work outside of the box. When it comes to Bruce, the box never existed in the first place. Bruce has the ability to think and create unilaterally. He has the ability to work under stressful situations and demands. As a team member, Bruce works well with others and never creates boundaries amongst teammates. I have seen first hand his ability to change gears when being faced with completely different programmatic expectations then originally planned. I would highly recommend Bruce for almost any project and project range. — Chris Brunner, CTO, Res Interactive
The best memory. The game has been on hiatus for about 2 years now (Ed: since 2012 or so) which is terribly sad considering it was one of the best online chat websites I've ever come across. I joined this website when I was 9 and I'm 15 now. It still holds a special place in my heart. It never had thousands of people on it at once, like club penguin, but the community was amazing. We all remembered each others names, the moderators and magic toots included everyone in the conversations and activities, they held contests (which I won once and was delivered all of the main toot plushies), and was fun for the whole family. It's a very safe website, you can't type numbers or any naughty words so that's a plus for younger players. I've met many, many friends during the years that I've played and I'm still friends with one to this day! A very amazing website and I hope one day they'll come back because it was literally the best game I've ever played. TheGhostInHope

Software Engineer: eFlyte, Inc

2003-2006 At eFlyte, I developed, altered, and maintained software for embedded in-flight entertainment computer systems, including video gaming, destination information, and hybrid e-mail/SMS messaging programs. Duties include developing technical specifications, software development, build-system maintenance (including cross-compilation), release and packaging procedures, documentation, and some graphics, video, and music editing.

I developed English, Turkish, Korean, and Chinese text-entry systems for touchscreen, gamepad, and telephone handset entry, along with the standard multi-language text-handling widget, for on-screen keyboard, handset controls, and multi-tap text entry, and implemented the AOL®/Tegic™ “T9” predictive text entry system for English and Chinese (Mandarin phonetic “Bopomofo,” Traditional and Simplified stroke-based) for Matsushita (MAS)/Panasonic and Thales in-flight entertainment systems. i18n/l10n, C/C++, x86 Assembler, PowerPC, Framebuffer, embedded

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Skills Summary

Less fluent skills are in this typeface.

Linked-in Skills Tests: HTML, Python, Java, XML, JavaScript, BASH, JSON

Procedural Languages
C (ANSI, Gnu), Emacs Lisp, Arduino, C++, MOS-6500 Assembly, MOS-65816 Assembly, Intel 80286 Assembly, Objective-C, BASIC, COBOL
Object-Oriented Procedural Languages
Common Lisp, Java, Javascript, Perl, ActionScript3
Functional Languages
Clojure, ClojureScript
Relational Languages
SQL, Datalog
Declarative Languages
Document Languages
Scripting Languages
Bourne Again Shell (bash), Gnu Make
Arduino, Linux® (Android®, X11, Wayland, framebuffer, console, headless/server, embedded), macOS, iOS, Windows, Apple ][, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Atari VCS CX-2600, MVS/zOS (CICS, TSO, headless/server)
Virtualization Systems
Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, Docker, Linux Containers, Xen
Apache, Nginx, Postfix, Bind, Exim, Qmail, Sendmail
Business Domains
Hospitality, Dental claims, Medical claims, Pharmacy claims, basic double-entry bookkeeping, COPPA, HIPPA
Language/writing systems
Note, I do not probably speak these languages, but I have done or can work with them for i18n/L10n — Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, German, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Indic scripts, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified, Pinyin, Zuyin Fuhao/Bopomofo), Korean, Tsalagi (Cherokee)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your name?
It's like Brews-rob-urt Poe-cock. Just like it's spelled.
Who are Bruce Pocock and Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock?
Bruce Pocock is my father. Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock had been me, but my name has changed back to just Bruce-Robert Pocock.
What about relocation, telecommuting, or travel?
I've been quite happy with telecommute+travel work in the past. I'm not interested in relocation, but might consider relocating within Florida for the right opportunity. I live in Broward County, in Fort Lauderdale.
Employment eligibility…?
I'm a US Citizen and can pass any background check required (security clearance, felony, et al.)
Salary & Benefits Requirements
You would need to be paying the going rate for an experienced senior programmer, with (at least) a typical benefits package.
Contract Work?
Not so much, no.
What other responsibilities would you take on?
I don't mind working on dev-ops tools and support tools — but I don't want to trade in my programming hat and become a system administrator. I can design a beautiful user experience and even jury-rig some placeholder art, but I'm not interested in being on the art team. I love designing puzzles and minigames, but I also want to keep coding. I'm happy with technical leadership, architect, or mentoring positions, but I don't really want to be in a 100% management position.
Can I call you on the phone?
Do e-mail me, please. I do not take phone calls during the work day, but we can set up something when strictly necessary.

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