Convert Apple Disk Image (DMG) to generic disk image (.img)

This package contains desktop files to make it easier for you to run dmg2img from a desktop environment like GNOME.

“dmg2img” is an utility program that can convert most Apple Disk Image files (.dmg) into a generic disk image file (.img), which can then be accessed on your computer. For example, you could use “Disk Image Mounter” to access files contained within the DMG.

This program won't alter the types of files within, however — you still can't run a MacOS™ program, but you can look at the files in the DMG.

After installing this program, right-clicking on a .dmg file should give you the option to “open” the file with dmg2img.

The resulting .img file can also be used by Apple (Macintosh) users after conversion, as well.

Not every .dmg file can be converted with this tool. Running “dmg2img” from a Terminal may give you more control or options.

This package is cast into the public domain (CC0), however, the icon used is a modification of the gnome-disks icon, which is licensed under the GPL v2+.

dmg2img itself is found at This package only contains the desktop files to enable it under GNOME.