for the Atari 2600 — a turn-based rôle-playing game

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Video Specifications

Video Capture

The preview video was captured using a RetroTink 5x Pro HDMI converter. Source video was taken from an Atari 2600 4-switch woody with original RF output connected to a TV tuner device producing composite output (from US Channel 2); an Atari 2600 vader with a composite output modification and stereo audio modification; and an Atari 7800 modified with both composite and S/Video outputs. The individual system and video standard used are emblazoned in the on-screen captions during the video.

If your Atari console has not been modified the picture quality will likely be comparable to the RF output seen during the Airex display segment near the beginning of the video; that is, it is likely you'll see some noise and other artifacts in the display. This is a normal limitation of the RF output.

Actual colors on your display may vary slightly from the video and screenshots here.

Flicker Effects

Playback of the video must be at 60 frames per second (60Hz) to mimic actual Atari hardware, or visual glitching will occur.

Some flicker is present in parts of the actual game — particularly when displaying 12-character-wide text displays, or when multiple objects are present on the map screen at the same time. This flickering may be reduced or eliminated visually by using a CRT display, or by advanced processing software present in some newer TV displays, e.g. the LG OLED CX-series televisions due a commendable job of eliminating the flicker from RF input.


All speech heard in the preview video was captured from an AtariVox Plus device connected to the systems. Speech may not be synchronized with the video in all cases. Speech requires an AtariVox device and speakers.


Music during the preview is the MP3 (rendered from MIDI) version of the music; one section instead uses an excerpt from the title theme song recorded from actual Atari hardware.

vs. Screenshots

Screenshots on this web site were not taken from actual hardware, but were made using the Stella emulator and may be more ideal than your actual display.

Preview video shows the NTSC version of the full game. The PAL version has slightly different coloration and screen layout. The SECAM version has a severely limited palette due to the design of the SECAM Atari 2600. For comparison, select any of the three regional TV formats in the Downloads box, and then scroll down to the Screenshots box to see screenshots taken using that region's graphics.

vs. Demo

The Demo versions of the game is missing many features found in the full version, including some graphical effects. For example, monsters in combat have less detailed coloration and animation in the demo.

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